All Series (612)

Cover Publisher Name Series Name Issues Count
Ace Comics 4 Favorites 31
Novelty Press 4Most 34
St. John Publications Abbott and Costello Comics 27
Harvey Comics Adventures in 3D 2
Better Nedor Adventures into Darkness 10
American Comics Group Adventures Into The Unknown 136
Harvey Comics Alarming Tales 6
Ziff-Davis Publishing Alice 2
Prize All for Love 5
Quality Comics All Humor Comics 17
Harvey Comics All New Short Story Comics 12
Better Nedor Alley Oop 1
Ziff-Davis Publishing Amazing Adventures 6
St. John Publications Amazing Ghost Stories 3
Better Nedor Americas Best Comics 33
Fawcett Comics Americas Greatest Comics 8
St. John Publications Anchors the Salt Water Daffy 4
Dell Comics Andy Hardy 6
Dell Comics Animal Comics 30
Fawcett Comics Animal Fair 5
Ajax-Farrell Apache Trail 4
St. John Publications Approved Comics 3
Charlton Comics Army Attack 8
Charlton Comics Army War Heroes 14
Charlton Comics Atom the Cat 7
St. John Publications Atom-Age Combat 5
Charlton Comics Atomic Bunny 3
Charlton Comics Atomic Mouse 16
Charlton Comics Atomic Rabbit 10
Ace Comics Atomic War 4
Charlton Comics Attack 11
St. John Publications Authentic Police Cases 37
Prize Babe 5
Harvey Comics Babe Ruth Sports 3
Charlton Comics Badge of Justice 4
Ace Comics Baffling Mysteries 22
Spirit Sections Baltimore Sunday Sun 6
Ace Comics Banner Comics 2
Dell Comics Barbie and Ken 5
Quality Comics Barker 14
Better Nedor Barnyard Comics 20
Ziff-Davis Publishing Baseball Thrills 2
St. John Publications Basil the Royal Cat 2
Dell Comics Bat Masterson 8
Ajax-Farrell Battle Report 3
Fawcett Comics Battle Stories 11
Charlton Comics Battlefield Action 12
Ziff-Davis Publishing Beanbags 2
Dell Comics Beany and Cecil 5
Dell Comics Ben Bowie and His Mountain Men 11
Dell Comics Ben Casey 8
Better Nedor Best Romance 3
Dell Comics Beverly Hillbillies 3
Fawcett Comics Beware! Terror Tales 7
Fawcett Comics Bill Battle 4
Fawcett Comics Bill Boyd Western 9
Ajax-Farrell Billy Bunny 1
Charlton Comics Billy the Kid 7
Fawcett Comics Billy the Kid 2
Better Nedor Billy West 11
Harvey Comics Black Cat 59
Ajax-Farrell Black Cobra 2
Charlton Comics Black Fury 29
Prize Black Magic 41
Better Nedor Black Terror 26
Quality Comics Blackhawk 99
American Comics Group Blazing West 12
Charlton Comics Blue Beetle 15
Novelty Press Blue Bolt 93
Charlton Comics Bo 3
Fawcett Comics Bob Swift Boy Sportsman 3
Better Nedor Boots and Her Buddies 2
Dell Comics Brain Boy 5
Ajax-Farrell Brenda Starr 1
Charlton Comics Brenda Starr 3
Ajax-Farrell Brides Diary 2
Charlton Comics Brides in Love 15
Quality Comics Brides Romances 11
Better Nedor Broncho Bill 10
Quality Comics Buccaneers 9
Dell Comics Buck Jones 7
Ajax-Farrell Bughouse 1
Fawcett Comics Bulletman 15
Quality Comics Buster Bear 7
Better Nedor Buster Bunny 9
Better Nedor Buz Sawyer 2
Dell Comics Cains Hundred 2
Quality Comics Candy 60
St. John Publications Canteen Kate 3
Charlton Comics Captain Atom 12
Ace Comics Captain Courageous Comics 1
Better Nedor Captain Easy 6
Ajax-Farrell Captain Flight 9
Charlton Comics Captain Gallant 3
Ajax-Farrell Captain Jet 1
Fawcett Comics Captain Marvel Adventures 149
Fawcett Comics Captain Marvel Jr 113
Fawcett Comics Captain Marvel Story Book 3
Fawcett Comics Captain Midnight 28
Fawcett Comics Captain Video 6
Dell Comics Car 54 Where Are You 6
Ace Comics Challenge of the Unknown 1
Harvey Comics Chamber of Chills 24
Harvey Comics Chamber of Clues 2
Harvey Comics Champ Comics 19
Prize Charlie Chan 5
Charlton Comics Charlie Chan 4
Dell Comics Charlie McCarthy 9
Charlton Comics Charlton One-Shots 11
Charlton Comics Charlton Premier 3
Charlton Comics Cheyenne Kid 15
Spirit Sections Chicago Sun 19
Dell Comics Ciceros Cat 2
St. John Publications Cinderella Love 2
American Comics Group Clutching Hand 1
Charlton Comics Cody of the Pony Express 3
Dell Comics Colt 45 6
Dell Comics Combat 11
Fawcett Comics Comic Comics 4
St. John Publications Comics Revue 4
American Comics Group Commander Battle 7
Better Nedor Coo Coo Comics 34
Charlton Comics Cowboy Love 4
Charlton Comics Cowboy Western 45
Fiction House Cowgirl Romances 11
Quality Comics Crack Comics 61
Quality Comics Crack Western 22
Dell Comics Crackajack Funnies 35
Charlton Comics Crime And Justice 25
Ziff-Davis Publishing Crime Clinic 5
Better Nedor Crime Files 2
Ace Comics Crime Must Pay the Penalty 45
St. John Publications Crime Reporter 1
Novelty Press Criminals on the Run 7
Ziff-Davis Publishing Crusader from Mars 2
Charlton Comics Cynthia Doyle Nurse in Love 3
Charlton Comics Danger 3
Charlton Comics Danger and Adventure 5
Charlton Comics Danny Blaze 2
Ajax-Farrell Dark Shadows 2
Better Nedor Date with Danger 2
Charlton Comics Davy Crockett 8
Charlton Comics D-Day 4
Dell Comics Defenders 2
Dell Comics Dell Junior Treasury 8
Spirit Sections Detroit News 6
St. John Publications Diary Secrets 16
Novelty Press Dick Cole 1
Prize Dixie Dugan 2
American Comics Group Dizzy Dames 6
Better Nedor Dizzy Duck 3
St. John Publications Do You Believe In Nightmares 2
Quality Comics Doll Man 47
Charlton Comics Don Winslow of the Navy 4
Fawcett Comics Don Winslow of the Navy 19
Harvey Comics Dotty Dripple 10
Fawcett Comics Down With Crime 5
Dell Comics Dr Kildare 6
Dell Comics Drift Marlo 2
Dell Comics Dunc and Loo 8
Quality Comics Egbert 9
Charlton Comics Eh 2
Ziff-Davis Publishing Ellery Queen 2
Ace Comics Ernie 2
Better Nedor Exciting Comics 69
Fawcett Comics Exciting Romances 11
Better Nedor Exciting War 5
Quality Comics Exploits of Daniel Boone 6
Ziff-Davis Publishing Explorer Joe 2
Dell Comics Fairy Tale Parade 9
Ziff-Davis Publishing Fairy Tales 2
Ziff-Davis Publishing Famous Stars 6
Ajax-Farrell Fantastic Fears 6
Better Nedor Fantastic Worlds 3
Prize Fargo Kid 1
Fawcett Comics Fawcett Movie Comic 8
Fawcett Comics Fawcett One-Shots 10
Quality Comics Feature Comics 122
Quality Comics Feature Funnies 15
Fiction House Fight Comics 84
Charlton Comics Fightin Air Force 11
Charlton Comics Fightin Army 10
Charlton Comics Fightin Five 14
Charlton Comics Fightin Marines 4
St. John Publications Fightin Marines 12
Charlton Comics Fightin Navy 30
Ajax-Farrell Fighting Man 9
Better Nedor Fighting Yank 25
Fiction House Firehair Comics 11
Charlton Comics First Kiss 5
Harvey Comics First Love 7
Ajax-Farrell Flame 3
Ziff-Davis Publishing Fly Boy 2
Dell Comics Flying As Range Rider 24
Dell Comics Follow the Sun 2
Ziff-Davis Publishing Football Thrills 1
American Comics Group Forbidden Worlds 84
Charlton Comics Foreign Intrigues 2
Prize Frankenstein 32
Better Nedor Freckles and His Friends 2
Charlton Comics Freddy 10
Novelty Press Frisky Fables 24
Dell Comics Frogmen 7
Charlton Comics From Here to Insanity 3
Charlton Comics Frontier Scout Daniel Boone 4
Ajax-Farrell Frontier Trail 1
St. John Publications Fugitives from Justice 2
Ajax-Farrell Full of Fun 2
Charlton Comics Funny Animals 8
Fawcett Comics Funny Animals 27
Ajax-Farrell Funny Fables 1
American Comics Group Funny Films 9
Quality Comics Gabby 9
Charlton Comics Gabby Hayes 3
Fawcett Comics Gabby Hayes 15
Better Nedor Gang World 2
Dell Comics Gene Autry 29
Fawcett Comics George Pals Puppetoons 2
Dell Comics Gerald McBoing Boing and the Nearsighted Mr. Magoo 5
Fiction House Ghost Comics 11
Dell Comics Ghost Stories 6
Quality Comics GI Combat 39
Ajax-Farrell GI In Battle 5
Ziff-Davis Publishing GI Joe 49
Quality Comics GI Sweethearts 7
Charlton Comics Go-Go 4
Fawcett Comics Golden Arrow 6
Better Nedor Goofy Comics 22
Charlton Comics Gorgo 25
Harvey Comics Green Hornet 32
Charlton Comics Gunmaster 10
Novelty Press Guns Against Gangsters 7
Ajax-Farrell Gunsmoke Trail 3
Ace Comics Hand of Fate 18
Better Nedor Happy Comics 20
Better Nedor Happy Rabbit 5
Harvey Comics Harvey Comics Hits 4
Harvey Comics Harvey Comics Library 2
Harvey Comics Harvey Hits 3
Ajax-Farrell Haunted Thrills 9
Dell Comics Have Gun Will Travel 4
St. John Publications Hawk 9
Ziff-Davis Publishing Hawk 3
Prize Headline Comics 35
Dell Comics Henry Aldrich 22
Ace Comics Heroes Wild Frontier 2
Ajax-Farrell Hi Ho Comics 3
Quality Comics Hickory 5
Charlton Comics Hillbilly Comics 4
Quality Comics Hit Comics 64
St. John Publications Hollywood Confessions 2
Quality Comics Hollywood Diary 5
Quality Comics Hollywood Secrets 4
American Comics Group Hooded Horseman 12
Fawcett Comics Hopalong Cassidy 22
Fawcett Comics Hoppy the Marvel Bunny 5
Fawcett Comics Hot Rod Comics 3
Charlton Comics Hot Rods and Racing Cars 12
Dell Comics Howdy Doody 38
Novelty Press Humdinger 7
Harvey Comics Humphrey Comics 4
Charlton Comics I Love You 15
Fawcett Comics Ibis the Invincible 5
Dell Comics Idaho 0
Dell Comics Im Dickens Hes Fenster 2
Ace Comics Indian Braves 4
Dell Comics Indian Chief 25
Fiction House Indians 17
Better Nedor Intimate Love 1
Quality Comics Intrigue 1
Better Nedor It Really Happened 8
St. John Publications Jackie Gleason 2
Charlton Comics Jack-in-the-Box Comics 5
Charlton Comics Jerry Drummer 3
Fiction House Jet Aces 4
Better Nedor Jet Fighters 3
Better Nedor Jetta of the 21st Century 2
Fawcett Comics Joe Louis 1
Harvey Comics Joe Palooka 62
Better Nedor Joe Yank 12
Better Nedor Johnny Hazard 1
Dell Comics Johnny Mack Brown 10
Quality Comics Jonesy 8
Charlton Comics Judomaster 10
Fiction House Jumbo Comics 102
Fiction House Jungle Comics 156
Better Nedor Jungle Jim 5
Dell Comics Jungle War Stories 5
Charlton Comics Just Married 6
Prize Justice Traps the Guilty 46
Fiction House Kaanga 19
Better Nedor Kathy 4
Quality Comics Ken Shannon 10
Harvey Comics Kerry Drake 7
Ziff-Davis Publishing Kid Cowboy 10
Quality Comics Kid Eternity 18
Charlton Comics Kid Montana 0
American Comics Group Kilroys 53
Dell Comics Kona 8
Charlton Comics Konga 25
Dell Comics Kookie 2
Quality Comics Lady Luck 5
Ziff-Davis Publishing Lars of Mars 2
Charlton Comics Lash Larue Western 7
Charlton Comics Lawbreakers 9
Charlton Comics Lawbreakers Suspense Stories 5
Dell Comics Lawman 9
Ace Comics Lightning Comics 10
Charlton Comics Lil Genius 8
Charlton Comics Lil Rascal Twins 5
Charlton Comics Lil Tomboy 4
Ziff-Davis Publishing Little Al of the FBI 2
Ziff-Davis Publishing Little Al of the Secret Service 3
Better Nedor Little Angel 12
St. John Publications Little Eva 11
Harvey Comics Little Max 8
Better Nedor Little Miss Muffet 3
Ajax-Farrell Lone Rider 26
Fiction House Long Bow 9
Charlton Comics Long John Silver and the Pirates 3
Better Nedor Lost Worlds 2
Charlton Comics Love Diary 7
Fawcett Comics Love Mystery 3
Harvey Comics Love Problems 6
Quality Comics Love Secrets 22
Better Nedor Lucky Duck 2
St. John Publications Lucy - The Real Gone Girl 2
Ajax-Farrell Madhouse 4
American Comics Group Magic Agent 2
Harvey Comics Man in Black 4
Fiction House Man O Mars 1
Charlton Comics Marines Attack 5
Fawcett Comics Marvel Family 88
Charlton Comics Marvels of Science 4
Fawcett Comics Mary Marvel 24
Charlton Comics Masked Raider 8
Fawcett Comics Master Comics 122
Charlton Comics Maverick Marshal 2
Harvey Comics Mazie 3
Dell Comics McHales Navy 3
Dell Comics McKeever and the Colonel 3
St. John Publications Meet Miss Pepper 2
Better Nedor Mel Allen Sports Comics 2
Ace Comics Men Against Crime 3
Ajax-Farrell Men In Action 2
Spirit Sections Miami Beach Daily Sun 1
Ajax-Farrell Midnight 5
American Comics Group Midnight Mystery 6
Fawcett Comics Mighty Midget 10
Fawcett Comics Mike Barnett 2
Dell Comics Mike Shayne Private Eye 3
Quality Comics Military Comics 43
Dell Comics Millie the Lovable Monster 6
Spirit Sections Minneapolis Star 2
Fawcett Comics Minute Man 3
Dell Comics Mister Magoo 4
Quality Comics Modern Comics 59
Fiction House Monster 2
Charlton Comics Monte Hale Western 6
Fawcett Comics Monte Hale Western 15
Spirit Sections Montreal Standard 2
St. John Publications Moon Mullins 2
St. John Publications Mopsy 2
Fawcett Comics Motion Picture Comics 10
Fiction House Movie Comics 4
Ace Comics Mr Risk 2
Charlton Comics Mr. Muscles 2
Charlton Comics My Little Margie 10
Charlton Comics My Little Margies Boyfriends 4
Charlton Comics My Little Margies Fashions 1
Charlton Comics My Secret Life 3
Charlton Comics Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds 13
Better Nedor Mystery Comics 3
Quality Comics National Comics 74
Charlton Comics Nature Boy 3
Fawcett Comics Negro Romance 1
Charlton Comics Never Again 2
Dell Comics New Adventures of Pinocchio 3
Better Nedor New Romances 17
Fawcett Comics Nickel Comics 8
St. John Publications Nightmare 5
Ziff-Davis Publishing Nightmare 2
St. John Publications Northwest Mounties 1
Ziff-Davis Publishing Nursery Rhymes 2
Harvey Comics Nuttie Comics 1
Charlton Comics Nyoka the Jungle Girl 9
Fawcett Comics Nyoka the Jungle Girl 73
American Comics Group Operation Peril 16
Ace Comics Our Flag Comics 4
American Comics Group Out of the Night 17
Better Nedor Out Of The Shadows 37
Charlton Comics Out Of This World 16
Charlton Comics Outer Space 9
Charlton Comics Outlaws of the West 12
Better Nedor Ozark Ike 4
Spirit Sections Parkchester Review 1
Charlton Comics Peacemaker 5
Ace Comics Penalty 2
Prize Personal Love 5
Better Nedor Peter Pig 7
Ajax-Farrell Phantom Lady 4
Spirit Sections Philadelphia Record 33
Charlton Comics Pictorial Love Stories 4
Fiction House Planet Comics 71
Quality Comics Plastic Man 64
Harvey Comics Pocket Comics 4
Quality Comics Police Comics 118
Charlton Comics Police Trap 2
Dell Comics Popular Comics 94
Better Nedor Popular Romance 85
Dell Comics Private Secretary 2
Prize Prize Comics 58
Prize Prize Comics Western 49
Charlton Comics Public Defender in Action 5
Charlton Comics Pudgy Pig 2
Harvey Comics Race for the Moon 3
Charlton Comics Racket Squad 29
Harvey Comics Rags Rabbit 4
Charlton Comics Ramar of the Jungle 4
Charlton Comics Range Busters 3
Fiction House Rangers of Freedom 69
Better Nedor Real Funnies 5
Better Nedor Real Life Comics 8
Ace Comics Real Love 4
Fawcett Comics Real Western Hero 6
Dell Comics Red Ryder Comics 16
Charlton Comics Reptilicus 2
Charlton Comics Reptisaurus 7
Dell Comics Rex Allen 30
Charlton Comics Robin Hood and His Merry Men 11
Quality Comics Robin Hood Tales 6
Charlton Comics Rock and Rollo 4
Ajax-Farrell Rocketman 1
Charlton Comics Rocky Lane Western 7
Fawcett Comics Rocky Lane Western 18
Charlton Comics Rocky Lanes Black Jack 11
American Comics Group Romantic Adventures 10
Charlton Comics Romantic Secrets 20
Charlton Comics Romantic Story 8
Charlton Comics Rookie Cop 7
Ajax-Farrell Samson 3
Charlton Comics Sarge Steel 5
Ace Comics Science Comics 1
Charlton Comics Scotland Yard 4
Ace Comics Scream Comics 4
Dell Comics Sea Hunt 9
Charlton Comics Secrets of Love and Marriage 1
Charlton Comics Secrets of Young Brides 3
Fiction House Sheena 18
Charlton Comics Sheriff of Tombstone 8
Charlton Comics Sherlock Holmes 2
Charlton Comics Six-Gun Heroes 9
American Comics Group Skeleton Hand 5
Ziff-Davis Publishing Sky Pilot 2
Fawcett Comics Slam-Bang Comics 7
Quality Comics Smash Comics 85
Dell Comics Smilin Jack 8
Dell Comics Smitty 7
Better Nedor Sniffy The Pup 14
Charlton Comics Soldier and Marine Comics 6
Fawcett Comics Soldier Comics 11
American Comics Group Soldier of Fortune 10
Charlton Comics Son of Vulcan 5
Ace Comics Space Action 3
Charlton Comics Space Adventures 52
Ziff-Davis Publishing Space Busters 1
Dell Comics Space Man 7
Ziff-Davis Publishing Space Patrol 2
Charlton Comics Space War 21
Charlton Comics Space Western 4
Ziff-Davis Publishing Sparkie Radio Pixie 3
Charlton Comics Special War Series 1
Harvey Comics Speed Comics 38
Charlton Comics Speed Demons 6
Harvey Comics Spitfire Comics 1
Better Nedor Spunky 9
American Comics Group Spy and Counterspy 2
Fawcett Comics Spy Smasher 11
American Comics Group Spy-Hunter 21
Spirit Sections Star Ledger 14
Better Nedor Starlet Ohara 20
Better Nedor Startling Comics 52
Ajax-Farrell Strange 4
Ajax-Farrell Strange Fantasy 9
Ajax-Farrell Strange Journey 2
Fawcett Comics Strange Stories from Another World 4
Charlton Comics Strange Suspense Stories 53
Fawcett Comics Strange Suspense Stories 5
St. John Publications Strange Terrors 7
Prize Strange World of Your Dreams 4
Harvey Comics Stuntman 2
Charlton Comics Submarine Attack 24
Spirit Sections Sunday Mirror 1
Spirit Sections Sunday Star 1
Dell Comics Super Book of Comics 2
Ajax-Farrell Super Cat 2
Ace Comics Super Mystery Comics 43
Better Nedor Supermouse 0
Ace Comics Sure Fire Comics 4
Fawcett Comics Suspense Detective 5
Charlton Comics Sweetheart Diary 3
Charlton Comics Sweethearts 8
Ajax-Farrell Swift Arrow 5
Charlton Comics Tales of the Mysterious Traveler 12
Novelty Press Target Comics 101
Harvey Comics Tastee-Freez 2
Charlton Comics Teen Confessions 1
Harvey Comics Teen-Age Brides 1
Charlton Comics Teen-Age Love 8
Ziff-Davis Publishing Teenie-Weenies 2
Better Nedor Television Comics 0
Harvey Comics Terry and the Pirates 24
Charlton Comics Terry and the Pirates 3
Charlton Comics Tex Ritter Western 8
Fawcett Comics Tex Ritter Western 6
Charlton Comics Texas Rangers in Action 10
Ace Comics The Beyond 30
Dell Comics The Comics 7
Dell Comics The Funnies 36
Charlton Comics The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves 4
Ajax-Farrell The Rider 3
Dell Comics The Rifleman 11
Fiction House The Spirit 5
Quality Comics The Spirit 22
St. John Publications The Texan 17
Charlton Comics The Thing 17
St. John Publications The Three Stooges 4
Dell Comics The Untouchables 2
Charlton Comics This Is Suspense 4
Better Nedor This is War 0
Charlton Comics This Magazine Is Crazy 1
Fawcett Comics This Magazine is Haunted 14
Charlton Comics This Magazine Is Haunted 12
Better Nedor Thrilling Comics 0
Better Nedor Thrilling Romances 0
Harvey Comics Thrills of Tomorrow 4
Charlton Comics Tim McCoy 6
Charlton Comics Timmy the Timid Ghost 14
Quality Comics T-Man 37
Dell Comics Tom Corbett - Space Cadet 8
Prize Tom Corbett Space Cadet 3
Harvey Comics Tomb of Terror 14
Better Nedor Tommy of the Big Top 0
St. John Publications Tor 6
Quality Comics Torchy 6
Ace Comics Trapped 4
Prize Treasure Comics 11
Charlton Comics True Life Secrets 10
St. John Publications True Love Pictorial 11
Harvey Comics True War Experiences 2
Charlton Comics TV Teens 11
Charlton Comics U. S. Air Force Comics 10
Quality Comics Uncle Sam Quarterly 8
Fawcett Comics Underworld Crime 7
Better Nedor Unseen, The 0
Charlton Comics Unusual Tales 46
St. John Publications Vic Flint 2
Ace Comics Vicky 3
Ajax-Farrell Voodoo 12
Dell Comics Voyage to the Deep 4
Dell Comics Wagon Train 10
Fiction House Wambi 18
Charlton Comics War and Attack 9
Charlton Comics War at Sea 9
Harvey Comics War Battles 7
Fiction House War Birds 3
Dell Comics War Comics 8
Ace Comics War Heroes 8
Dell Comics War Heroes 10
Charlton Comics War Heroes 27
Ajax-Farrell War Report 2
Ajax-Farrell War Stories 2
Harvey Comics Warfront 27
St. John Publications Wartime Romances 15
Quality Comics Web of Evil 20
Ace Comics Web of Mystery 29
St. John Publications Weird Horrors 9
Ziff-Davis Publishing Weird Thrillers 5
Ace Comics Western Adventures 6
St. John Publications Western Bandit Trails 3
Better Nedor Western Hearts 0
Ace Comics Western Love Trails 3
St. John Publications Whack 4
Fawcett Comics Whiz Comics 145
Charlton Comics Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles 8
Ziff-Davis Publishing Wild Boy 8
St. John Publications Wild Boy of the Congo 7
Charlton Comics Wild Frontier 7
Charlton Comics Win A Prize 2
Fiction House Wings Comics 123
Dell Comics Winnie Winkle 7
Harvey Comics Witches Tales 26
Ajax-Farrell Wonder Boy 2
Better Nedor Wonder Comics 0
Ace Comics World War III 2
St. John Publications Worlds Greatest Stories 1
Fawcett Comics Worlds of Fear 9
Fawcett Comics Wow Comics 63
Dell Comics Wyatt Earp 10
Charlton Comics Wyatt Earp Frontier Marshal 15
Quality Comics Yanks In Battle 4
Charlton Comics Yellowjacket Comics 10
Charlton Comics Young Doctors 3
Charlton Comics Young Eagle 3
Fawcett Comics Young Eagle 3
American Comics Group Young Heroes 3
Novelty Press Young King Cole 23
Prize Young Love 8
Charlton Comics Young Lovers 3
Prize Young Romance 18
Charlton Comics Zaza the Mystic 2
St. John Publications Zip Jet 2