Quality Comics (Publisher)

Years: 1937 - 1956

"Quality Comics was an American comic book publishing company that operated from 1937 to 1956 and was an influential creative force in what historians and fans call the Golden Age of comic books. Notable, long-running titles published by Quality include Blackhawk, Feature Comics, G.I. Combat, Heart Throbs, Military Comics, Modern Comics, Plastic Man, Police Comics, Smash Comics, and The Spirit. While most of their titles were published by a company named ""Comic Magazines"", from 1940 onwards all publications bore a logo that included the word ""Quality"". Notable creators associated with the company included Jack Cole, Reed Crandall, Will Eisner, Lou Fine, Gill Fox, Paul Gustavson, Bob Powell, and Wally Wood."

Series Count:  40   Total Issue Count:  1242

Cover Details
All Humor Comics
Issues:  17
Issues:  14
Issues:  99
Brides Romances
Issues:  11
Issues:  9
Buster Bear
Issues:  7
Issues:  60
Crack Comics
Issues:  61
Crack Western
Issues:  22
Doll Man
Issues:  47
Issues:  9
Exploits of Daniel Boone
Issues:  6
Feature Comics
Issues:  122
Feature Funnies
Issues:  15
Issues:  9
GI Combat
Issues:  39
GI Sweethearts
Issues:  7
Issues:  5
Hit Comics
Issues:  64
Hollywood Diary
Issues:  5
Hollywood Secrets
Issues:  4
Issues:  1
Issues:  8
Ken Shannon
Issues:  10
Kid Eternity
Issues:  18
Lady Luck
Issues:  5
Love Secrets
Issues:  22
Military Comics
Issues:  43
Modern Comics
Issues:  59
National Comics
Issues:  74
Plastic Man
Issues:  64
Police Comics
Issues:  118
Robin Hood Tales
Issues:  6
Smash Comics
Issues:  85
The Spirit
Issues:  22
Issues:  37
Issues:  6
Uncle Sam Quarterly
Issues:  8
Web of Evil
Issues:  20
Yanks In Battle
Issues:  4