Ace Comics (Publisher)

Years: 1940 - 1956

Ace Comics was a comic book series published by David McKay Publications between 1937 and 1949 — starting just before the Golden Age of Comic Books. The title reprinted syndicated newspaper strips owned by King Features Syndicate, following the successful formula of a mix of adventure and humor strips introduced by McKay in their King Comics title in April 1936. The romance titles began in the late 1940s- after the superhero books faded in popularity- and continued until the company ceased publishing comic books in 1956.

Series Count:  30   Total Issue Count:  297

Cover Details
4 Favorites
Issues:  31
Atomic War
Issues:  4
Baffling Mysteries
Issues:  22
Banner Comics
Issues:  2
Captain Courageous Comics
Issues:  1
Challenge of the Unknown
Issues:  1
Crime Must Pay the Penalty
Issues:  45
Issues:  2
Hand of Fate
Issues:  18
Heroes Wild Frontier
Issues:  2
Indian Braves
Issues:  4
Lightning Comics
Issues:  10
Men Against Crime
Issues:  3
Mr Risk
Issues:  2
Our Flag Comics
Issues:  4
Issues:  2
Real Love
Issues:  4
Science Comics
Issues:  1
Scream Comics
Issues:  4
Space Action
Issues:  3
Super Mystery Comics
Issues:  43
Sure Fire Comics
Issues:  4
The Beyond
Issues:  30
Issues:  4
Issues:  3
War Heroes
Issues:  8
Web of Mystery
Issues:  29
Western Adventures
Issues:  6
Western Love Trails
Issues:  3
World War III
Issues:  2