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Jack Kirby Prototypes

Does Alarming Tales #1 have Kirby prototype stories?

The Last Enemy

A Kamandi protype decades before that classic 1970s series was created.

For Jack Kirby fans (and I am one of them) there are many great Golden Age goodies to discover. This issue of Alarming Tales #1 published in 1957 from Harvey Comics is one of the best.

This issue has great artwork and for Kirby enthusiest and historians it is a gold mine of pre-superhero prototypes.

The 1957 story titled 'The Last Enemy' appears to be a protype Kamandi story decades before that series ever saw the light of day in the 1970s. Complete with talking dogs, rats, and tigers this story has its main 'human' character running from the animals just as Kamandi did.

Now it might be just my imagination, but the story called 'Donnegan's Daffy Chair' reminds me a lot of the Mobius chair from the New God's series. Did Jack have this issue laying at his bedside when he switched over to DC in 1970? Just a thought.

Another great story in this issue may not be a protype but it is great classic Kirby. The Cadmus Seed is about genetic engineering decades before that science became a reality. The art is great and the characters are powerful and have a story to tell. I definitely recommend everyone check it out!

The Cadmus Seed

This story is about genetic engineering Kirby style.

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